Cardano Stake Pool Operator


Securing the Cardano Blockchain

Global Relay Network 6 Countries 5 Continents 4 Vendors

New York / Sao Paolo / London / Falkenstein / Capetown / Tokyo

CHAIN 1.25% Fee - 51K Pledge

2 x 64GB / 8 Core EPYC Bare Metal Servers

Error Checking Memory / Solid State Disks / 1 Gb/s Network

BM servers 100% Renewable Powered

UK Registered Company: 11112970


Pool updates on Twitter: @chainupsspo

Who runs the pools?: Mark Suleman

Community commitment: No fee changes > 0.5 per epoch

UK Stakepools on Telegram: Cardano UK

UK Cardano Updates on Telegram: Cardano UK Updates

Monthly Donations to Bristol Homeless via: Blonde Angel Street Team